ArkSHA Ambassadors

About the Award: 


The ArkSHA Ambassadors recognize individuals who may have made significant gains in therapy or overcome unsurmountable odds--someone who has inspired, uplifted you and others, and reminded you why you are an audiologist or speech-language pathologist. Our ArkSHA Ambassadors represent our Association during Better Hearing & Speech Month 

Deadline for Nominations:

Nominations are accepted year round, with a deadline of July 15th to be considered for the current year. Those selected will be announced and recognized at the ArkSHA Annual Convention, typically held in October.  

Nominations Requirements:

Nominations must include the following information:

  1. The Nomination form
  2. Photo of Nominee
  3. Narrative text that provides the rationale for why this individual is being nominated. Consider the following points for the narrative text:
    1. Description of the significance of the achievement
    2. Explanation of how the nominee's actions have advanced knowledge in the area of clinical practice or research.
    3. Explanation of the nominee's role in the achievement


Past Recipients

2020 Brady Burford
2020 Mark Webb
2019 Wyatt Richards
2019 Robert Stewart
2018 Lily Robbins
2018 Jeff Morris, Jr.
2017 Zachary Chamness
2017 Seth Mohorn
2016 Paige Dewey
2015 Sam Atcherson, PhD, CCC-A
2015 Haven Blu McCormack
2014 Evan Greenwood
2014 Quinn Moore
2013 Darby McGee
2013 Abyl Chastain
2012 Chris Engelkes
2012 Addison Ferguson
2011 Brandon Workman
2011 Fred Chilcote
2010 Tatianna Mac Peek
2010 Judith Darnell
2008 Keller Woody
2008 George Cobb
2007 Donald Harrington
2007 Jerome Riley
2007 Matthew Prickett
2006 Justin Trautman
2006 Ethan Morris
2005 Heidi Courtway
2004 Heidi Courtway
2003 Joshua Fleming

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