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Members are the lifeblood of ArkSHA! We value member input and engagement and diversity when building our volunteer base to better serve and represent our community of speech-language pathologists and audiologists. Volunteering on an ArkSHA committee requires a commitment to the assigned project or activity. We are always seeking new talent to add to our committees. To participate on an ArkSHA Committee, you must be a member. If you're interested in joining a committee, please complete the committee volunteer form below.


Honors and Awards Committee- Chaired by the Immediate Past President
The Honors and Awards Committee shall prepare guidelines and recommendations for the honors and awards. The Chairperson of the Honors and Awards Committee shall present recipients with an appropriate award at the Association Convention or Annual Business Meeting.


Marketing Committee- Chaired by the President-Elect
Board members serving on this committee are the VP of SLP and VP of Aud

The Committee shall be responsible for the recruitment of Full Members, Associate Members and Student Members. The Committee shall also be responsible for campaigns throughout the year to promote public awareness of speech, language and hearing including Better Hearing and Speech Month. The committee shall also be responsible for job placement activities, media/press releases, and the promotion of speech-language pathology and audiology as careers. The Committee will work with institutions of higher education to introduce ArkSHA and recruit volunteers and members.


Communications Committee- Chaired by the Secretary
The Committee shall be responsible for the official publication of the Association which is published a minimum of four (4) times annually. Establish a social media posting plan, consistently post updates, highlights of members, highlights of the association, and advocacy efforts to social media. Tag all relevant groups and individuals.


Convention Committee- Chaired by the VP for CE
The Committee shall be responsible for preparing the professional program and making local arrangements for the Association Convention that provides continuing education for a wide distribution of members across areas, lifespan, and settings.


Continuing Education Committee- Chaired by the VP-Elect for CE
The Committee shall be responsible for recommendations for and coordination of all educational professional advancement activities sponsored by the Association for its members. The Committee shall represent various communication specialties and professional studies.


Hearing Health Advocacy Committee- Chaired by the VP of Audiology
To provide input, insight, and oversight related to issues of interest to our members in the area of hearing health. Oversee projects that are assigned to or developed by the Board of members (or this committee) related to hearing health. 


Government Relations Committee – Chaired by the VP of Speech-Language Pathology
Scan the environment to identify issues related to speech-language pathology or audiology that require advocacy by ArkSHA. Maintain communication with ArkSHA Lobbyists. Provide monthly advocacy updates to be posted on social media sites to facilitate transparency with Association membership.


Fundraising Committee – Chaired by VP of Audiology & VP of Speech-Language Pathology
The Committee shall be responsible for increasing, promoting, and monitoring the Betty Bass Graduate Student Scholarship Fund and the ArkSHA Charitable Fund with the Arkansas Community Foundation, publicizing, disseminating, and evaluating scholarship applications, and recommending specific investment options and scholarship recipients to the Board.

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